Medical Faculty:

   "Medicine -2  course (ІІ semester), 3 course (I semester)"

     Subject -  Microbiology, virology and immunology  

Dental Faculty:

   "Dentistry - 2 course"

    Subject -  -  Microbiology, virology and immunology  


Pharmaceutical Faculty:

"Pharmacy - 2  course (ІІ semester), 3 course (I semester)"

    Subject -  -  Microbiology, virology and immunology   

    Institute of Nursing:


  "BSN 2 course "

    Subject -    Microbiology, virology and immunology  

    "MSN 1 course"

     Subject -  Microbiology

Department is a subdivision of educational-scientific Institute of Medical and Biological Problems

Address:  Yu. Slovatsky Street, 2, Ternopil, 46001

Telephone number: 

e-mail: mikro_virys@tdmu.edu.ua



 There are five classrooms for practical training for students of all faculties, laboratory microbiological and parasitological researchers that equipped with necessary equipment, where educational, diagnostic, scientific researches are performed .



                                               Staff of the department

Head of the department 
Professor Sergei Klymnyuk 
E-mail — klymnyuk@tdmu.edu.ua

        Associate professor Mykhaylo S. Tvorko
E-mail —   tworko@tdmu.edu.ua     

 Associate professor Nataliya I. Tkachuk
E-mail —   tkachuk@tdmu.edu.ua

professor Olena V. Pokryshko 
E-mail —  pokryshko@tdmu.edu.ua

professor Nina M. Olyinyk
E-mail — oliynyknimy@tdmu.edu.ua

          Associate professor Lydiya B.Romanyuk
E-mail romanyuk@tdmu.edu.ua


istant professor Hanna R. Malyarchuk
E-mail  malyarchuk@tdmu.edu.ua

 Assistant Valentyna P. Borak
E-mail borak@tdmu.edu.ua

                     Assistant Mykola O.Vynnychuk
            E-mail vunnushykmo@tdmu.edu.ua 

Assistant  Nataliya Y. Kravets
              E-mail kravecnj@tdmu.edu.ua    

Assistant   Irina О. Stakhurska
E-mail stakhurskaio@tdmu.edu.ua

 Assistant Iryna R. Volch

Laborant   Nataliya B. Chornobay
            E-mail  chornobajnb@tdmu.edu.ua 

          Laborant  Nataliya M. Sobko
              E-mail  sopkonv@tdmu.edu.ua

  Laborant   Nelya V. Sobko
                         E-mail  sopkonv@tdmu.edu.ua

Main scientific achievements of the department

Scientific interests  are included researches of the problem of human microbiocenosis function means of dysbacteriaosis correction, microbiological assspects in treatment of patient with “diabetic foot”, investigation of staphylococcus infection, antibioticresistance and bacterial antagonism.
  •  Microbiologic aspects of radiation disease and bacteriocarries have been investigated.
  •  Leucotoxins of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms have been studied, express-method of gas gangrene laboratory diagnostics and nethod of making of gas bacillus antitoxin have been worked out.
  • Immunologic reactions at simultaneous application of human measles and antiparotid immune serum as well as at different schemes  of abdominal typhoid immunization have been investigated.
  • Microbiological and immunologcal aspects at electro-surgical operation on digestive system have been investigated.
  •  Effects of bile and bile acids on antimicrobic activity of antibiotics and nitrofuranic remedies has been established.
  •  Method of determination of bacteria sensitivity to antibiotics has been developed.
  • Capsule for taking material from digestive tract has been created.
  •  Methods of determination of biliferous ducts inficating has been developed.
  •  Influence of electrohydraulic effect on yeats for getting of fodden protein has been investigated.
  •  Various aspects of skin microbic ecology have been studied remedies-probiotics for correction of dysbiotic disturbances have been proposed.
     Department staff constantly improve their skills. Prof. S.I. Klymnyuk and ass. prof. O.V. Pokryshko visited with a working visit to the  Federal Budget Institution of Science "Central Research Institute of Epidemiology" of The Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance (Moscow), the Moscow Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named by GN Habrychevsky.

    Prof. S.I. Klymnyuk and ass. prof. T.I. Pyatklovskyy acquainted with the work of the University microbiological and virological laboratories of  the clinic Allgemeines Krankenhaus der Stadt Wien  (Austria). 

     6 teachers of the department are not only physicians but have been certificated as bacteriologists.
    Staff of department take part in different conferences each year to present their result of researches.

Educational work
             Learning of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology play an important role in the system of biomedical knowledge. It provides the fundamental theoretical knowledge that serves as the basis for all subsequent training of future doctors. Teaching courses are conducted in three languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English.

The main task of the department is to ensure optimal conditions for students master the theoretical foundations of the subject, microbiological and serological methods of laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases and specific prevention of infections. Teachers of the department provide practically oriented learning and mastering practical skills. This systematic approach will allow future specialist thoroughly master the subject and learn to apply this knowledge in their future practice.


  The subject Microbiology, Virology and Immunology is studied by the students of I- III courses of 4 faculties:

  • Medical faculty
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Pharmaceutical faculty
  • Institute of Nursing

The students learn the subject in Ukrainian, Russian and English. The department also provides the studying process for distant learning program for Bachelor students from the United States in Russian and English languages.

Students are equipped with methodical literature, multimedia presentation of lectures which is constantly updated and improved. Faculty has prepared training manuals. In the Web portal of the university the department's page  is represented that contains basic educational materials, syllabuses, schedules, materials to preparation for lectures and practice classes. 

At the department during practical classes students draw up protocols about their results of practical work and write their own findings in special albums. These albums are designed and prepared by the lecturer for students of all faculties in Ukrainian and English. They significantly help in students' practical work. Experience shows that there are certain characteristics of teaching theoretical subjects in modern conditions, which are caused by the growth of information load per student and need a relatively short time to learn a large educational material. In this regard, there is a need to use different modern technologies of teaching and conducting control of knowledge. Not just pictures and smears are used  but also  videos which were created by employees of the department.


Particular attention is paid to the work of the students’ team, which has been actively working at the Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology for long time.  Annual students’ scientific conferences have been organised. Students of different faculties and courses take part in them with reports and best students get award from teachers' committee



History of the department

The Department of Microbiology, Virology and Immunology was created in 1957.

Since 1963 it was led by associate professor Hanna V. Vasylenko


In 1963-1994 the department was headed by  professor I.O.Sytnyk, MD.  

In 1994 since now -  professor S.I.Klymnyuk, MD